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RLB Portal Login
Portal FAQs
  1. How do I get a username and password?

    Contact us at (610) 434-7700 or info@RLBaccountants.com and we will email you the information to create a username and password.

  2. Are my files safe?

    Yes, your files are protected, transfers are encrypted and secure. The data is also protected and backed up at a secure location.

  3. I received an email for the Portal, but I do not have a username and password.

    You probably received a notification that a document has been added to your portal. If you have not yet registered your portal (created a user name and password), please contact RLB so the registration e-mail can be re-sent to you. Once you are registered, you will have a username and password.

  4. I forgot my password, what should I do?

    Click on the "Forgot Password" link under the login to reset your password.

  5. I forgot my username, what should I do?

    Contact RLB and your registration email will be resent to you.

For any other questions, please contact RLB at (610) 434-7700 or email us at info@RLBaccountants.com


As a client of RLB, you can easily upload files directly to us through our secure RLB Portal. It's safe, fast and convenient. You can also access and download your RLB stored files through the portal.

Use the login area below with your RLB portal username and password. If you have any questions or problems with the portal, please feel free to contact us at (610) 434-7700.